We unlock the creative and economic potential through specialized programming that connect passions to professions.

Our guided pathway includes transition planning which is customized based on the dreams desires and abilities of each student. We work with students to develop individual success plans to equip them with essential life skills and tools to prepare them for adult life.

Our Career Pathways model is designed to help students connect passions to professions a develop a career strategy with multiple entrance and exit points as an employee, executive, entrepreneur or creative and how to navigate through each phase over their lifetime.

Our program is customized for creative career pathways and in alignment with state and federal guidelines.


Creative & Career Exploration

Education & Training

Personalized Success Plan

Pre-Employment Transition Services

Our services include: education, skill development, career exploration, creative skill development, entrepreneurship training, financial literacy, job training, career coaching, soft skills training and other job placement opportunities.

Employment Opportunities and Industry-Based Work Experiences

  • Internships
  • Mentorships
  • Apprenticeships
  • Paid Employment and Gig referrals
  • Career Coaching and Placement