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DJ Classes in Schools

DJing has gone from a passionate hobby in the inner city, to part of the curriculum at Schools, Colleges and Universities all over the world. Many traditional educational institutions are adopting programs centered around the DJ culture, which will ensure a future generation of music lovers who will undoubtedly keep the artform alive.

DJs have redefined the way people perceive live music and nightlife. Over the years, new techniques and skills have been honed by DJs worldwide to better perfect their craft, giving DJ culture a ubiquitous influence throughout the world. Additionally, a wide variety of mixing and playing styles have developed and subdivided the DJ community as a whole, thus leading to a variety of acceptable styles in DJing. Like most unconventional skills and trades that arise outside of the limelight, DJ schools eventually formed to better educate the general public on these newer techniques. We are working on opening a DJ and Music Academy for students of all ages.

And only practice makes a real jam master – RUN DMC