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Afterschool Programs

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The MUSIC to the Ears Foundation is in the process of expanding our afterschool music program to various locations. The program is designed to help students learn invaluable information about the various career opportunities in the entertainment industry through music education, hands-on interactive workshops, field trips, special projects and guest speaker series. These programs are offered to school aged students (K-12).

The following is a list of what the students will learn in this program: 

Listen to and understand digital music composition, structure and production
Gain knowledge about the radio industry (stations, call letters, programming, etc)
Learn about music distribution (record stores to on-line music)
Learn about music entertainment career opportunities (non-performance)
Understand the fundamentals of song writing, music composition and production
Learn about music production and recording (create and record original class anthem)
Learn about Digital & Analog Audio Equipment (Turntables, Mixers, Records, CDs, etc)

Projects/Activities/Workshops currently include:
Hands-on workshops with music production digital and analog devices
Hands-on workshop with DJ Turntables, Mixers and related digital programs
Compose, write and perform an original school anthem
Field trips to radio stations and related destinations
Guest speakers, instructors and performers

Our goal is based on $5,000/school x 10 schools for (2) 8-week programs (Fall and Spring)