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About MUSIC to the Ears

M.U.S.I.C = Musicians Using their Skills to Inspire Children


Music provides a safe platform for the expression of emotions. One of the best places creativity is actively encouraged is through music education. Developing a skill doing something you love provides self-confidence that cannot be taught. We need people who believe in our cause, existence and mission to help in the ways listed below.



We need skilled specialists to provide their advice, expertise, services and time to assist with various projects related to our continued growth in 2015.


We need concerned citizens, strategic partners and corporate sponsors to provide financial support to our programs, events and initiatives in 2014-2015.


We need private and public product donations in the form of used and new DJ, audio, music production and recording equipment, accessories and records.


MUSIC to the Ears has operated and grown organically over the past 10 years. We operated without grants or major funding. We are now ready to expand our responsibilities, roles and services to reach a greater audience. With this expansion comes a greater need for support though volunteers, strategic partners and corporate sponsors. We also accept public and private on-line donations through our secured PayPal account.

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Meet Our Advisory Board

The Specialist

Over 25 years experience in Music, Business and Entertainment as a DJ, Event Producer and Business Developer. His other specialties include: Marketing Strategist, Intrapreneur, Visionary, Brand Manager, Consultant and DJ (Radio, Clubs, Events, Mixtapes).

Lisa Panas
Executive Director

Over 20 years experience in financial modeling, risk management, performance improvement and new business development for non-profit and for-profit organizations. BS in Business Admin. (Univ. of New Hampshire) & MBA Int’l Trade/Finance (Pepperdine)

DJ Revolution
DJ / Producer / Performer

Over 25 years experience as a DJ, Performer and Producer. He is internationally known and respected for his DJ talents. He’s worked with celebrities, major labels, brands, artists and DJs. Current projects: The Wake Up Show (Sirius/XM), The Cut TV and DJ tours.

Tawala Sharp
Radio Industry Professional

Over 20 years experience in the Radio Broadcast Industry. He went from an intern to Music Director at the legendary 92.3 The BEAT FM radio station in Los Angeles. He is currently a producer at KFI 650AM.

DJ Bonds
DJ & Entertainment Professional

Over 20 years experience in Radio, Events, Clubs and Concerts. He is the tour DJ for Mystic and Founder of Club Elements. Education: BS in Business Mgmt. and MBA in Arts & Management (University of Redlands).

Nissan Thomas
Attorney (Music Legal, CBS TV Studios)

Over 10 years experience in the areas of music publishing, licensing, contracts and clearances for Film and Television. Education: BA in Sociology (UC Berkeley) and Juris Doctorate (Loyola Law School).